Adapting to Emerging Consumer Trends


Consumer trends are difficult to predict and can quickly change, so to be successful you need to be extremely fast-to-market and be able to adapt your technology to innovate and attract early adopters.

AMD offers the most comprehensive portfolio of SoCs and FPGAs combined with industry leading tools for software and hardware developers. Our solutions support a wide range of consumer applications, whether its 8K video networking, fast and reliable printing, complex AI analytics, or just integrating multiple devices into a single chip, we can help you meet your commercial and technical needs.


Driving the First Wave of Next Generation TRENDS


Fast Time-to-Market

Implement new algorithms and interfaces much faster than a typical ASIC or ASSP design



Support the latest video and imaging standards, integrate machine learning and sensor fusion



The widest range of FPGAs and SoCs aimed at cost-sensitive Consumer applications

Consumer Applications


AV & Entertainment

4K/8K UHD interfacing, real-time audio, video processing and more in TVs, projectors, cameras, gaming, multi-room streaming and Hi-Fi.



Accelerating image processing and driving motors for paper handling and scanning in multi-function printers (MFPs), portable and handheld printers, and home printing.


Home & Lifestyle

Adding machine learning and Edge AI to the smart home, improving intelligence in kitchen appliances, securing properties through smart locks and intruder detection and enabling the first wave of robot assistance.

Developing Next Generation Consumer Technology

Adaptable AV Connectivity & Processing, Embedded Software and Edge AI, in a Single Low-Cost Device


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Find the right tools, hardware, libraries and IP to build your next design. Or if you’re an IP developer, design house or silicon supplier and would like to partner with us on a reference design, we’d love to hear from you!

Design and Develop Your Application
Learn about our development tools such as Vivado™ and Vitis™ and embedded software design flows

Target a Development Board
Use AMD or partner evaluation boards and kits to develop and test your design

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