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Solutions from AMD are built on a 20+ year history of servicing different facets of the AV & Entertainment industry – from timing controllers in modern TVs to optical engines in projectors, from real-time gaming to the brains inside premium drones, and from signal processing inside audio entertainment systems to very low-latency AV streaming around the home.

We make “More Pixels, Better Pixels, Faster Pixels” possible.


Consumer Video Trends & Needs



Scalability to 4K, 8K and beyond to create a more immersive experience



Higher frame rates to reduce blurring of high-speed movements



Wider color gamuts such as Rec.2020 for more natural color representation



Higher dynamic range for improved darks and lights



Arbitrary warp and rotation for keystone and fisheye correction



H.264/H.265 codecs for low-latency live streaming 


AMD platforms enable the first wave of new TV technology, from HD to 3D, from 4K to 8K and beyond

Extremely small, power-efficient and inexpensive devices such as Spartan™ 6, Artix™ 7, Kintex™ 7 and Kintex™ UltraScale+™ FPGAs are ideal candidates as timing controllers (TCON) as the TV industry makes giant leaps in delivering immersive experience with higher resolutions, higher frame rates and high dynamic range. 

FPGA-based TCONs can be tuned based on the characteristics of the panel, vastly improving yield, and enable TV panel integrators to get to market much faster than designing an ASIC. In addition to TCON, FPGAs can also be used for backlight controllers, improving overall image quality by controlling panel illumination based on the video content being displayed.


At the heart of optical engines, AMD devices perform pixel shifting to increase resolution, and provide warp and interface capabilities in user electronics.

Projector electronics have two main sections: user electronics and optical engines.

User electronics deals with scaling, color correction, deinterlacing and video warping. Using warp processing, portable home projectors can now be configured in normal throw, short throw and ultra-short throw modes, with support for keystone correction, fisheye correction, rotation, arbitrary warp, stitching and blending to project onto a variety of surfaces. 4K and 8K interfacing and video processing can be easily implemented in our cost-optimized devices.

Optical engines include the light source devices and are the heart of the projection system. AMD FPGAs accompany the world’s leading light source engines (DLP® and LCOS) to support Expanded Pixel Resolution (XPR), making it possible to use lower resolution light sources to create high resolution images..


Gaming & VR/AR

Performing very low latency and high frame rate VR, upstreaming gameplay, as well as introducing a new world of retro gaming!


VR helmets or Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) include eye tracking sensors and several cameras that must be processed using FPGAs and SoCs in real-time with high frame rate. Accompanying them are wireless accessory dongles that require transmission of video content at the lowest possible latency, and with exceptional performance-per-watt.

For game streaming, Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoCs have an integrated H.264 / H.265 4K60 video codec, delivering the lowest glass-to-glass latency in the industry. AMD platforms can also be used for mezzanine codecs, visually lossless extremely low-latency codecs.

There is also a growing community of retro gaming and computing enthusiasts bringing obsolete consoles back to life and bang up-to-date by using FPGAs for 8-bit emulation and adaptable interfacing. 

Hi-Fi Audio

Integrate multiple devices used for audio DSP, sample rate conversion, AES & S/PDIF and audio-over-IP into a single AMD device.

AV receivers are at the heart of home cinema experience, and bring together the different AV sources, loudspeakers and TVs. Custom built digital signal processors (DSP) are typically the brains of the decoding process including multichannel surround sound processing and unique sound field enhancements.

Leveraging the massively parallel signal processing capabilities packed into AMD SoCs and FPGAs, it is possible to integrate extremely low-latency audio DSP and audio interfaces including Ethernet. Our cost-optimized portfolio and advanced code development workflows make it easy to develop either in RTL or a high-level language such as C / C++, plus the ability to port existing audio DSP libraries to AMD platforms.



Providing sensor fusion and AI-based image analytics for fast response and collision avoidance.


The drone market has experience huge growth, offering consumers a brand new way to capture life events and holidays from a new, different perspective. Although many drones are relatively simple to operate, even experienced pilots can benefit from assistance when it comes to collision avoidance. This requires extremely high-speed 4K image processing, sensor data analysis, video analytics and motor control.

Because of space and weight limitations, AMD Zynq and Zynq UltraScale+ SoCs offer a highly-integrated platform to provide sensor fusion from LIDAR,  GPS,  infrared and real-time AI image analytics to offer comprehensive flight safety. Its also possible to integrate camera gimbal motor control, 4K video compression and embedded processing in the same device.

Home AV Streaming

Leveraging our expertise in professional AV installed equipment and networking to transport media and entertainment throughout the home

The networked home, either wired or wireless, offers the potential to stream AV content from any source to any display in any room. As content creation and TV technology moves to more immersive formats such as 4K UHD, HDR and better colors, streaming around the home requires more sophisticated video compression and higher performance AV connectivity, both of which are possible with AMD FPGAs and SoCs.

Implementing streaming gateways and bridges between baseband video such as HDMI, through 4K compression such as H.264/H.265 to Ethernet and IP protocols are all possible using Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs.


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