Digital Televisions and Displays

Xilinx enables accelerated development for emerging display technologies such as 3DTV, LED local dimming and 4K2K (Quad HD) with:

  • Flexibility and scalability to enable technologies as they evolve
  • Support for ever increasing bandwidth requirements 
  • A comprehensive design platform for shortened development cycles enabling focus on differentiation
  • Support for standard and emerging interfaces like HDMI 1.4a, high-speed LVDS, DisplayPort 1.1 and V-by-One® HS


The emergence of 3DTV has brought a new set of video quality and bandwidth challenges to designers. Xilinx supports the latest, and fastest interface standards for digital displays (such as HDMI 1.4a, V-by-One® HS and DisplayPort) to address these bandwidth challenge. As 3DTV standards evolve, adopting a flexible solution like an FPGA enables continued improvement in the viewing experience even after the display ships to the consumer.

LED Local Dimming

Using Xilinx FPGAs, designers can use different panels from different vendors for BOM simplification to lower overall cost, while meeting process-intensive requirements of local dimming.

Super Scaler Up Conversion in 4K2K (Quad HD) Displays

FPGAs allow the world’s leading brands to create sophisticated up conversion algorithms under tight deadlines.

4x1080i HDTV Mosaic Reference Design

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The HDTV Mosaic Reference Design enables 4 HDTV inputs to be displayed on a 4K2K monitor or flat panel simultaneously, accelerating development time.

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