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Smart homes are here to stay, and are becoming a norm in new home constructions.  Technology can help homeowners manage their security, lighting, networked appliances, outdoor irrigation, climate and entertainment systems.

Design your smart home product by tapping into cost-optimized portfolio from AMD that is the industry’s broadest collection of devices with enough processing capability, a development environment targeted at software engineers, and the best AV connectivity portfolio for all your future requirements.


Home & Lifestyle Trends & Needs


Intelligence and Automation

Make everyday chores easier with robot assistance and AI-based stock control


Improved Safety and Security

Smart door technology and networked surveillance to prevent unauthorised access


Better Guidance and Performance

Add accessories to improve performance and efficiency through detailed information

Home Automation

Helping to keep the connected home well lit, secure and at a comfortable temperature


With the explosion of connected technology and IoT, the smart home is reaching a point where many things can be controlled centrally on the network. Whether this is simply turning lights on and off according to a schedule, or automatically changing mood and temperature depending on who has entered the room (or detecting intruders and gathering digital evidence), the range of sophistication demands different levels of electronic processing and potentially introducing AI to the system.

AMD has a range of solutions from networking to motor control, as well as handling multiple sensor technologies or adding embedded Edge AI.

Smart Door Locks

Using AI and facial recognition to ensure that only authorized people have access to the home

Building on the growing market for video door bells, it is now possible to  add machine learning to recognize faces and provide access to registered users. Through the use of time-of-flight (TOF) sensors alongside image pipelines and sophisticated AI algorithms, improve security by ensuring photos and masks can’t be used to fool the system.

Using the AMD cost-optimized portfolio, battery-powered door locks can perform very low latency checks without sacrificing accuracy. The lock can also perform Edge AI processing without needing a network connection, providing another level of security against hackers.


Home Gateways

Expanding the routing capabilities of 5G Internet receivers by adding 2.5, 5 & 10 Gbps Ethernet distribution around the home


The data rates promised by 5G wireless make it an effective alternative method of bringing broadband connectivity to the home, but the network router integrated into 5G gateways tends to be limited to 1Gbps Ethernet.

Adding a low-cost Artix™ 7 FPGA as a PCIe companion to the 5G modem can provide either 2.5 or 5 Gbps Ethernet connectivity. Adding a higher performance (but still low-cost) Kintex™ 7 FPGA offers support for 10 Gbps Ethernet.

Sports & Fitness Equipment

Integrate multiple sensors, embedded software processing and bridging to various connectivity standards in a small form-factor device 

Many sports and hobbies can benefit from a growing range of electronic accessories that monitor the environment and provide useful guidance information to improve performance. From golf swing analysis to rifle rangefinders, gym equipment and fish finders to aftermarket health monitoring, electronic assistance and monitoring can provide sophisticated levels of information based on a variety of different sensors and video analytics depending on use case.

The AMD cost-optimized portfolio provides an ideal range of device capabilities including sensor fusion and simple glue logic functions, complex AI and embedded processing.  


Smart Kitchen Appliances

Whether keeping track of perishables or suggesting new recipes, kitchen appliances are adding intelligence to help manage a busy household.


By adding more capable sensors and vision-based systems, high-end networked appliances such as refrigerators and ovens can be a big help in the kitchen. They can keep your stock up-to-date with purchase reminders, shopping list creations and even automatic re-purchase for common items. They can suggest recipes based on available ingredients, keeping waste to a minimum, or automatically cook items to perfection. Even small appliances such as coffee machines can benefit from the addition of AI, adding cameras to detect users and automatically selecting personalized settings for strength, flavour and foam.

AMD devices can perform edge AI functions such as user profiles without needing a network connection, protecting privacy. Or they can work with a network to provide accurate information for stock replenishment. Either way, they provide a cost-effective way to add intelligence to many appliances.

After-Market Automotive Accessories

AMD has been chosen by car manufacturers for ADAS and autonomous driving, technology which can now also be added through accessories.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD) use cameras, radar and LIDAR to sense the environment and either provide information to the driver or take control of the vehicle. This requires complex video analytics to recognise signs, road markings, pedestrians and other road users, some of which can now be added to any car through aftermarket purchases by the consumer. Whilst it can’t control the car, enhanced information can provide a more detailed view of the surroundings, sound warnings and help the driver make informed decisions to stay safe or get to their destination in a timely manner.  The scalability of  device portfolio from AMD means that you can choose the level of functionality to suit your budget.


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