Multi-function Printers (MFPs)

As electronic media becomes more prominent Multifunction Printers (MFPs) are evolving in to highly networked sophisticated systems with integrated displays, real-time image analytics (OCR), fine motor control  and require support for a number of interface standards like USB 3.0, SATA, and 10Gb Ethernet.

Typical MFP architectures rely heavily on ASICs or ASSPs with standalone processors across many PCBs to perform standard functions – printer head motor control, image processing and compression, user interface, and storage and network interface. Zynq®-7000 SoCs  enable consolidation of multiple functions, drastically reducing chip and PCB count.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • High performance with SoCs to meet industry requirements of 100ppm, 2400x2400 dpi, scanning at 200 images per minute (ipm)
  • Single-chip integration of image processing  and motor control functions enabling significant BOM cost and power consumption reductions
  • Accelerate design productivity with a tightly integrated development tool flow using OpenCV and Qt libraries, Vivado® High-Level Synthesis and IP Integrator
  • Reduce time to integration with SmartCore™ IP, specialized ecosystem IP and software, and operating systems

SmartCORE Solutions


  • Video and Image Processing IP Pack – EF-DI-VID-IMG-IP-PACK-SITE
  • Color camera sensor decoding - logiBAYER
  • Scalable Video Processor (OSVP) – Omnitek
  • 2D/3D GPU - logiBITLT, logiBMP, logi3D
  • LCD display controller - logiCVC-ML

Reference Designs

  • Zynq-7000 SoC Video and Imaging Kit
  • 2D/3D Reference Design - Xylon

See all SmarterVision IP and Referece Designs

Hardware Platforms


Programmable Logic Functions

  • User interface (control panel and LCD driver/interface)
  • Storage and network interfaces (USB, SATA, 1GbE/10GbE, PCI®-Express
  • Image processing and compression (scan, copy, sort, etc.)
  • Printer head motor control

Processor Sub-System Functions

  • Linux OS, Windows Embedded Compact, Android
  • Example GUI application
  • Web server
  • Frame Buffer, Direct FB, V4L2
  • Qt graphics library
  • Hardware drivers
  • Frame grabber