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Learn how the AMD Accelerated Algorithmic Trading system, powered by Alveo accelerator cards, can help you reduce the latency for all your trading applications.

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Breaking the Microsecond Latency Barrier

Financial trading firms need continuous latency improvements to stay competitive. Most trading strategies are implemented in software on CPUs - incurring additional latency from traversing the PCIe bus.

Until now, transitioning to an FPGA-based trading strategy posed a challenge for software-based trading firms that lack FPGA development expertise - putting them at a competitive disadvantage.

The AMD Accelerated Algorithmic Trading (AAT) open-source trading system reduces the barrier to entry for software developers to quickly and cost-effectively implement sophisticated strategies on FPGAs – without FPGA in-house expertise. The AAT system addresses a broad range of algorithmic trading use cases for brokers, exchanges, market data vendors, sell-side vendors, and proprietary traders; while minimizing losses to HFTs.

The result - sub-microsecond latency, faster trades.


Software-Defined, Hardware-Accelerated Algorithmic Trading

  • Accelerate your time-to-market in weeks, not years
  • Zero license fees
  • CME tick-to-trade example designs
  • Open-source AMD Vitis™ libraries support multiple use cases out-of-the-box
  • C/C++ programming, no FPGA coding required
  • Flexible, easy integration with “in-house” or 3rd party apps

AMD Accelerated Algorithmic Trading Video

Learn how algorithmic trading developed on AMD FPGAs provide the necessary building blocks to develop an electronic trading system that is 10x faster than traditional CPU-based trading systems without the need to know any FPGA programing. This reference design enables developers to create trading systems that break the microsecond barrier using Vitis unified software platform from AMD that only requires C/C++ programming skills.

Fast Deployment, High Performance

Optimize Your Algorithmic Trading In Weeks, Not Years Using C/C++ Programming - No FPGA Expertise Required

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Get 12x Better Latency Performance vs CPU Implementations

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