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Network Appliances

Generation-Ahead Network Appliances Deliver More Throughput with less cost and lower power consumption

Each new generation of network appliance—including firewalls, UTMs (universal threat managers), and other security appliances—must deliver more traffic throughput in the same or smaller footprint while consuming less power. These applications typically involve intensive calculations on big sets of data with diverse algorithms that keep changing over time either because improved algorithms emerge or because new database management system (DBMS) versions introduce changes. This means that ASICs are not suitable, and while CPUs are adequate, they take a heavy toll on cost and power consumption. Xilinx Smarter Solutions can meet the demands of these diverse applications.

Data Warehouse Appliances & Super Storage Applications

Programmable devices help to accelerate query processing and accelerate filtering, decompression and execution of some of the relational operators within data warehouse appliances. Acceleration through the use of flexible Xilinx devices will also become vital in future storage appliances that need to provide more intelligence in order to cope with throughput bottlenecks.

In so-called “super storage” applications, FPGAs can play a major role, accelerating file system operations which would otherwise consume considerable CPU cycles. FPGA acceleration allows for the reduction of the control-to-storage server accesses, increasing available storage and performance. In particular, the embedded ARM® processor in the current Zynq™ SoC can tackle OS functionality while the FPGA fabric manages data filtering.



Design Examples

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