Data Center Storage

Data Center Storage Goes Solid State

SSDs (solid-state disks) offer significant performance and power advantages over rotating memory and are quickly becoming the storage media of choice for top-tier data center storage. Data-center— and enterprise-class SSDs must meet tough performance and data-integrity requirements that cannot be met with ASSPs designed for the high-volume consumer SSD market. Enterprise-class SSD controllers must implement significantly more complex wear-leveling, ECC, and error-management algorithms than what is implemented in these consumer-class SSD controllers. At the same time, sales volumes for enterprise-class SSDs intended for use in data centers are simply too low to amortize the high cost of designing ASIC-based SSD controllers. Consequently, leading SSD vendors targeting enterprise and data-center storage applications increasingly turn to Xilinx All Programmable devices to implement these more complex SSD controllers.

SSD designers need high-speed, low-latency interfaces to Flash memory (the storage medium of choice for fast data center storage devices) and support for the many standard interfaces used in the storage-space arena (SAS, SATA, and PCIe for example). Xilinx All Programmable and Smarter Solutions encompass the IP support and the devices needed to permit storage designers to implement sophisticated storage algorithms for the rapid design and deployment of new SSDs.

Data Center IP Cores

  • Serial ATA
  • Serial Attached SCSI
  • PCIe Gen2 and Gen3
  • QuickPath Interconnect (QPI)
  • Serial Rapid I/O
  • AES and DES cryptography
  • LZRW3 data compression
  • IPSEC and MACSEC security protocols
  • Low-latency Ethernet MACs

Design Examples