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AMD at IBC 2023

Featuring the Alveo MA35D for Live Streaming
Sep 15-18 | RAI, Amsterdam

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New Media Accelerator for High Volume Streaming

AI-Enabled Video Processing Cost-Effectively Scales Interactive Media

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ASIC Architecture for
High Channel-Density

Optimized for performance-, power-, and area-per-channel with H.264, HEVC, and AV1 support at low latency


Optimal Video Quality
at Reduced Bandwidth

Compression efficiency coupled with AI processing and dedicated VQ engines for optimal quality of experience



Cost-Effectively Scale
Interactive Media Applications

Scale live events, video collaboration, cloud gaming, and emerging use cases while reducing cost-per-channel


Hardware Accelerated Video Processing for High Volume, Interactive Streaming

ASIC Architecture

ASIC Architecture for High Channel Density

The AMD Alveo™ MA35D Media Accelerator is powered by an ASIC-based video processing unit built from the ground up for high density, ultra-low latency streaming. Each device (2x per card) features four discrete encoder engines, enabling multiple standards concurrently and provides streaming providers’ the flexibility to scale to new and legacy endpoints. The architecture is optimized for area, power, and cost-per-channel and can be configured to balance compression efficiency, channel density, and latency based on application requirements.


Optimal Video Quality

Because network bandwidth can be a leading cost driver for live streaming, the Alveo MA35D integrates an intelligent video pipeline to ensure the quality of experience in any network condition. The platform delivers world-class H.264, H.265, and AV1 compression coupled with AI processing and dedicated VQ engines for bandwidth efficiency at optimal video quality.


Enabling a New Class of Interactive Services


Cost-Effective Scaling for Live Media

With a silicon architecture optimized to lower cost on all fronts, the Alveo MA35D media accelerator lowers cost-per-stream to maximize profit-per-user


Advanced Media Acceleration SDK

Software Development Kit

The Alveo MA35D comes with a complete software stack for video specialists to seamlessly integrate into their own development environment.

The Advanced Media Acceleration (AMA) SDK is opensource and supports the commonly used video frameworks FFmpeg and Gstreamer, as well as a C-API for further customization of the video pipeline.


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The Alveo MA35D Media Accelerator is currently in Early Access and available to qualified customers. Contact your local AMD representative to apply for the program or ask a question via the Product Inquiry form below.

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