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1080p60 HD Medical Endoscope

Advances in preventive medicine and minimally invasive surgery are driving the need for enhancements in endoscope systems. Traditional multichip implementations introduce latency issues counter-productive to the high-bandwidth, computationally intensive functions required in modern endoscopy. The Zynq®-7000 SoCs integrate camera unit control and 1080p60 image processing into a single device, while also enabling hardware acceleration of complex video analytics for automating diagnostics.

Solution Summary & Benefits

  • 1080p60 HD video with CCD or CMOS color formation for life-like image capture and display
  • Increase system performance with hardware acceleration for video analytics such as object identification, comparison, counting, recognition, positioning and measurement
  • Single-chip system processor and image processing to reduce BOM cost and power consumption
  • Optimal hardware/software partitioning reduces latency and bottlenecks by combining image/video processing, analytics and camera control into a single device
  • Support for multiple connectivity  standards – SDI, SATA, USB, HDMI, Ethernet and more
  • 1080p60 video encoder for network-based video transfer
  • Accelerate design productivity with a tightly integrated development tool flow using OpenCV, Vivado® High-Level Synthesis, and IP Integrator
  • Reduce time to integration with SmartCore™ IP, specialized ecosystem IP and software, and operating systems

Xilinx Smarter Solutions include FPGAs, SoCs, and 3D IC platforms in addition to a suite of SmartCORE, LogiCORE™, and specialized ecosystem IP that can be customized, to optimally address unique market needs and reduce time to integration. Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite and the development tool flow using OpenCV libraries, the Qt framework, High Level Synthesis, and IP Integrator, provide a faster, more flexible means to go to market with greater differentiation, lower risk, and lower total cost of ownership than alternative ASIC and ASSP solutions.


Programmable Logic Functions

  • Hardware acceleration for object segmentation
  • Scaler and on-screen display functions
  • High-speed data receive (SDI)
  • 1080p60 high-profile video encoding

Processor Sub-System Functions

  • OS – VxWorks, QNX, Linux
  • Video analytics
  • Peripheral management

Key Features Include:

  • Resolution
    • HD
    • Full HD
  • Frame Rate
    • 30fps
  • Encoding
    • H.264 AVC Intra
    • H.264 IPB Long GOP
    • H.265 / HEVC
  • Storage
    • SATA for HDD
    • USB3.0
    • SD Card
  • Video Interfaces
    • Triple-rate SDI
    • HDMI
    • DisplayPort
    • SMPTE2022
    • 10GbEthAVB

Xilinx Smarter Solutions for Camera Include:

  • Video Scaler SmartCORE IP
  • De-Interlacer SmartCORE IP
  • Pixel Correction SmartCORE IP
  • Optical Compensation SmartCORE IP
  • SMPTE 2022 -5/-6 SmartCORE IP
  • Triple-Rate SDI LogiCORE IP
  • DisplayPort LogiCORE IP
  • Color Filter Array LogiCORE IP
  • Color Space Converter LogiCORE IP
  • IEEE AVB (Audio Video Bridging) LogiCORE IP
  • Gamma Correction LogiCORE IP
  • Image Statistics LogiCORE IP
  • HDMI Xilinx App Note
  • 1080p60 Real-Time Camera Reference Design
  • Real-Time Video Engine 2.1 Reference Design
  • Video over IP Reference Design from Barco-Silex
  • Omnitek OZ745 Video Development Kit