Portable Ultrasound

High I/O bandwidth and 144GMACS DSP processing power in chip-scale packaging make the Kintex™-7 70T FPGA highly effective for both front and back-end ultrasound processing. Designers can deploy a fully programmable 128-channel ultrasound implementation that scales up to 196 or 256 channels for high-end cart solutions or down to 64 or 32 channels for hand-held form factor:

  • 128-channel implementation in a modular set of five Kintex-7 70T FPGAs offers 44% lower power, 45% lower cost, and 57% smaller form factor compared to previous generation FPGAs
  • Kintex-7 70T FPGAs offer 144GMACS from 240 DSP slices (288GMACS for symmetric filters)
  • Built-in support for PCIe® Gen1/Gen2 x8 enables high-bandwidth interface to host system
  • Chip-scale packaging for small form factor

128-Channel Portable Ultrasound built with five Kintex-7 70T FPGAs

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