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Cloud Computing Solutions
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Cloud Computing

Flexible, standards-based solution that combines
software programmability, real-time processing, hardware
optimization and any-to-any connectivity with the security
and safety needed for the next generation of cloud computing
Only with Xilinx

On Demand, Scalable, Virtualized, Deep Learning

Data centers need to be workload optimized so they can rapidly adapt to changing throughput, latency, and power requirements from a wide range of virtualized on-demand software applications. These applications include machine learning, video transcoding, image and speech recognition, CloudRAN, and Big Data analytics, along with storage and networking acceleration and flexible, high performance connectivity.

Through workload optimization, Xilinx can enable servers to deliver 10X the throughput with one tenth the latency and power relative to CPU and GPU based alternatives. Applications are written in a mix of languages that include OpenCL, C, and C++. Only Xilinx provides a flexible, standards-based solution that combines software programmability, workload optimization, and high performance data center interconnect with the security needed for the next generation of cloud computing.

Xilinx's portfolio includes UltraScale™ technology that serves as a scalable reconfigurable acceleration platform that can be optimized on demand to any workload. Xilinx's software defined development environment, SDAccel™, enables customers to quickly develop their unique applications using any mix of OpenCL, C, and C++. SDAccel™ deploys a unique architecturally optimized compiler and Dynamic Function eXchange technology that together offer the highest quality of results with a flexible runtime capability.

Cloud Applications

  • CloudRAN
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Image and Speech Recognition
  • Video in the Cloud
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Center Interconnect
  • SSD Storage

Xilinx Solutions

  • SDAccel Environment
  • Acceleration Boards
  • Dynamic Function eXchange
  • Acceleration Libraries
  • Adaptive Connectivity
  • UltraScale
  • Embedded HEVC

Designed to Fit Your Needs

SDAccel Environment

GPU and CPU-like programming experience for data center workload acceleration

Dynamic Function eXchange

Allowing designers to change functionality on demand, enhancing FPGA flexibility for the cloud


Scalable, reconfigurable acceleration platform for workload optimization


the global data center traffic
in the next 3 years


of all data center traffic will
come from the cloud by 2018

3 OUT OF 4

data center workloads will be
processed in the cloud by 2018