Smarter Networking Specialists

Smarter Networks Specialists: Helping you move a generation ahead of your competition

Xilinx System Architects are available to help you architect your next-generation platform. These Architects have deep system level expertise in a number of wired, wireless, and data center technical specialties and can help you to extract the maximum value from your next design using Xilinx FPGA and SoC devices. The Smarter Networks specialties include:

  • Active antenna array design and architecture
  • Cloud-RAN architecture
  • 3GPP standards
  • WLAN and White Space communications
  • Cognitive radio
  • Base station L2/L3 protocols
  • SON
  • Packet processing
  • Analog front end (AFE) and digital front end (DFE) integration
  • E-band and PtP modem algorithms and architecture
  • Cryptographic processing and data compression
  • Timing synchronization for networks and communications systems
  • OTN
  • L2/L3 packet processing and traffic management
  • SDN and OpenFlow protocols
  • Data center switching
  • Data center storage
  • Cloud-based servers and architectures
  • Increased system performance
  • BOM cost reduction
  • Total power reduction
  • Accelerated design productivity

For more information about working with these Xilinx communications and networking specialists, contact your local Xilinx sales office.