400G MAC to Interlaken Bridge

Supporting CFP4 optical module integration is critical in delivering next generation 400GbE line rates. Next generation implementations with Virtex® UltraScale™ devices will double performance using a 1-to-1 device migration.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • Four 100G hard Ethernet MACs and four 100G Interlaken cores quicken time to implementation, reduce latency, reduce power, and free up resources for additional functionality, e.g., packet processing
  • High number of 28G transceivers for CFP4 module integration and enabling higher port density
  • Enhanced clocking and routing to achieve 400G throughput on a single device
  • 20nm process and a multitude of architectural enhancements to reduce power by 25%

UltraScale Architecture Benefits

  • Massive I/O Bandwidth
    • Sixteen 25G Transceivers (CAUI4)
    • Twenty 25G Transceivers (ILKN)
  • Massive Data Flow & Routing
    • >400Gbps
  • Power Management
    • Integrated Interlaken block is more power efficient
    • Lower power per bit (pJ/bit) in 28G transceivers
    • Finer granularity clock gating