4x100G Transponder

Advanced Nx100G transponders are rapidly becoming the defacto standard for access to the OTN Network. Limited CAPEX, OPEX, and power budgets make form factor, port density, and performance/watt critical. Through a high number of 28G transceivers, advanced clocking and routing, on-chip VCXOs, and SmartCORE™ IP, the Virtex® UltraScale™ device enables a 4x100G single-chip data path.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • High number of 28G transceivers for CFP4 modules, enabling integration with next-generation optics and higher port density
  • Extensive number of VCXO oscillators integrates over 9 clocking devices
  • Enhanced clocking and routing and removal of processing bottlenecks enable 400G throughput on a single device
  • SmartCore IP including ITU G.709 GFEC, OTU4 Framer, 100GbE to ODU4 Mapper for rapid implementation

UltraScale Architecture Benefits

  • Massive I/O Bandwidth
    • 400G Ingress and Egress
    • 16 channels at 25G, 20 channels at 25G
    • Support 802.3bj / OIF28G-LR
  • Massive Data Flow & Routing
    • 400G single chip datapath
  • ASIC-like Clocking
    • Localized clocking architecture required to support  25G  XCVR
    • Only one transceiver reference clock required – fPLL generates internal clocks
  • Fastest Packet Processing
    • Packet processing at 100Gbps line rates