400G MuxSAR

Support for next generation optical modules including CFP2 and CFP4 is critical as Optical Transport Networks (OTN) transition to 400G. Virtex® UltraScale™ devices enable next generation CFP4 optics with a high number of 28G transceivers, hardened IP, massive bandwidth, and SmartCORE ™ IP to deliver the performance and system integration that make higher port density and next generation 400G applications possible.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • Hardened Interlaken IP for reduced latency, power reduction, and logic resource savings, enabling high speed chip-to-chip communication and a key enabler for integration of 2 devices down to 1
  • High number of 28G transceivers for both the CFP4 modules and 25G backplane, enabling integration with next generation optics and higher port density
  • Support for massive data flow, ASIC-like clocking, and next generation routing to support massive throughput required for 400G
  • SmartCORE IP including OTU4 Framer, 100G Single Stage Mux, 100G ODUk Mon, 100G SAR, and ITU G.709 GFEC for rapid implementation

UltraScale Architecture Benefits

  • Massive I/O Bandwidth
    • 36 transceivers (>25Gbps)
  • Massive Data Flow & Routing
    • >400Gbps total Bandwidth
  • ASIC Like Clocking
    • Support varied client interfaces from SONET and PON to Ethernet and lower rate ODU
    • Faster TTM by simplifying OTU IP and Place & Route
  • Power Management
    • Integrated Interlaken block is more power efficient
    • Lower power per bit (pJ/bit) in 28G transceivers
    • Finer granularity clock gating