LTE Baseband Solution

Employing Xilinx Smarter Solutions, including SmartCORE IP, LogiCore™ IP and Kintex™ FPGAs enable the following wireless baseband platform that delivers greater functionality in fewer devices with greater flexibility, lower BOM cost, and reduced total power consumption when compared to alternative solutions based on ASSPs or ASICs.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • Highly integrated solution replacing multiple discrete devices and ASSPs
  • 80% of Kintex-7 325T – headroom for additional functionality
  • 9 Watts – 50% lower power than alternative implementations
  • Scalable and flexible IP and solutions
  • Higher system performance, lower power consumption
  • Vivado™ HLS enables re-use of existing C/C++ code

To learn more about Xilinx Wireless Communications Solutions, visit the Design Services for Wireless Communications.