Xilinx Radio Solutions Deliver Bandwidth, Scalability, and Flexibility at Optimal Cost and Power

Xilinx Smarter Solutions for Radio enable wireless infrastructure vendors to deliver optimal, cost effective and energy efficient radio solutions that provide seamless support for multi-standard, multi-mode heterogeneous networks. High levels of integration and low power enable small form factor equipment such as picocells and metrocells, while being able to scale up to higher power levels demanded of macro cellular networks. Emerging Active Antenna Arrays and Antenna Integrated Radio also benefit immensely from such integration, allowing lighter, lower volume equipment to be easily mounted on existing masts for additional savings.

Xilinx radio IP provides vendors the ability to scale to meet the disparate needs of these emerging heterogeneous networks. The parameterizable IP is optimized to support a wide range of equipment types, from compact, low power, narrow band solutions often required in small cell applications, to broadband, multi-antenna high power MIMO solutions required in macrocell and active antenna arrays. Offering power amplifier efficiencies of up to 50%, the Xilinx radio IP also significantly contributes to lowering OpEx and CapEx equipment costs while maintaining full flexibility to support changing requirements long after field deployment.

Xilinx Smarter Solutions include the FPGAs and SoCs in addition to a suite of SmartCORE and LogiCORE™ IP that can be customized to optimally address your unique market requirements. Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite and the Communications Design Center provide a faster, more flexible means to go to market with greatest differentiation, lower risk and cost of ownership than alternative ASIC and ASSP based solutions.


The above table demonstrates how Xilinx IP can parameterise and scale to meet the needs of multiple equipment types. Depending on signal bandwidth and carrier configuration, the IP can be optimized for cost and power for small cells in addition to macro and active antenna arrays.

Key Features include:

  • DUC/DDC Compiler
    • WCDMA, LTE and TD-SCDMA support
    • 1-30 carriers per antenna, 1-8 antennas
  • CFR
    • 2G, 3G & 4G support
    • 1-8 antennas, with multiple iterations per antenna (configurable)
    • Up to 100MHz BW supported
  • DPD
    • 3G, 4G support
    • 1-8 antennas
    • Area vs Performance
      • Configurable update time (update time vs area)
      • Configurable memory order (ACLR correction vs area)

Xilinx Smarter Solutions for Radio Include:

  • Digital Up Conversion / Digital Down Conversion SmartCORE IP
  • Peak Cancellation Crest Factor Reduction SmartCORE IP
  • Digital Pre-Distortion SmartCORE IP
  • JESD204 Connectivity LogiCore IP
  • OBSAI Connectivity LogiCore IP
  • CPRI Connectivity LogiCore IP
  • WiMAX Reference Design
  • Kintex 7 FPGA DSP Development Kit with High Speed Analog
  • Avnet Zynq-7000 SoC / Analog Devices Software-Defined Radio Kit
  • Avnet Zynq-7000 SoC / TI Software-Defined Radio Kit

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