Wireless Connectivity

Xilinx Connectivity Solutions Enable System Integration at Lowest Cost and Power

Xilinx wireless connectivity IP portfolio provides a comprehensive solution to address connectivity and synchronization requirements in the constantly evolving wireless base station infrastructure. Designed to standards based specifications, Xilinx IP and solutions provide flexibility, scalability and programmability while enabling system integration in highly differentiated and varied form factors at lowest cost and power.

Xilinx provides high quality and efficient wireless Connectivity IP for interconnect requirements on channel cards, connectivity between channel cards and collocated or remote radio heads, and between digital and analog blocks on the radio heads. Xilinx fully tested and verified IP in conjunction with devices enable architectures that are easy to deploy, maintain, and coexist with legacy installed network equipment.

Xilinx connectivity IP is designed to fully leverage inherent flexibility and programmability of FPGAs and SoCs to provide highly customized solutions to address unique market needs. Xilinx IP internal interfaces are designed as per widely used industry standard protocols to provide much needed uniformity and cohesiveness to capitalize on a broader connectivity ecosystem, ease integration and enable modular design. When combined with Xilinx SmartCORE IP, FPGAs, and the Vivado® Design Suite, Xilinx wireless connectivity IP provides the foundational building blocks and resources that allow designers to focus on areas of the greatest value resulting in end products with higher flexibility and lower risk than those based upon ASIC and ASSP solutions.

Xilinx Connectivity Solutions Include:

  • CPRI and OBSAI LogiCORE IP for Baseband Channel Card and Remote Radio Head Connectivity
  • JESD204 IP for High Speed Serialized Interconnect to Data Converters
  • Gen2 Serial Rapid IO for Baseband Multi-processor/ DSP Farm
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps, 10/40/100G Ethernet MAC
  • 10G-KR, 40G-KR4 Ethernet backplane
  • Ethernet Switch and Traffic Manager
  • Gen2/ Gen3 PCI-E
  • 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet
  • For a complete list of CPRI and JESD

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