Corporate Responsibility

Helping to Create a Better World through Innovation + Collaboration

As the global leader in adaptable semiconductor technologies, we at Xilinx are committed to innovating new devices that will allow our customers to create technologies that are bettering humanity and the world in which we live. At the same time, we are committed to being an ethical and exemplary corporate citizen worldwide. We are committed to helping improve the environment, society and economy on a global as well as local basis. We are committed to providing an equal-opportunity, ethical, professional, socially- and environmentally-responsible and safe work environment. And we are committed to partnering with suppliers who also adhere to these high standards.

Company Overview


Our leading-edge products enable our customers to change the world.
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Community Engagement


We support charitable giving and projects that result in systemic and positive change within our communities.
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Life at Xilinx


Our visionary leaders and passionate employees around the world constantly ask: "What can we make possible?"
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Health and Safety


We are committed to protecting our environment and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.
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