What Can You Build?

Have an innovative Vitis, Vitis AI, or Vivado project to share? Post it on the Hackster.io Xilinx page for a chance to be featured on the Xilinx Developer Site!  Not only will you be featured on our website, but Hackster.io will also award the project of the month winner $500 US dollars based on their project application, inventiveness, and creativity as part of the Big Xcellent Adventure program.

Additional Rules and Regulations:

  • You must use Vitis, Vitis AI or Vivado as the primary development tool to create and build your project. It is highly encouraged to use the latest version. 
  • Create your project on Hackster.io. If you have an issue uploading to Hackster.io please email developer@xilinx.com
  • We accept all projects that have been created after August 1st, 2020
How To Submit:

We look forward to seeing what you create! If you have any questions, please email developer@xilinx.com

Previous Winning Projects 

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