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BLUEDOT provides intelligent video processing and compression applications accelerated by semiconductor IPs for video content service providers and creators through data centers.


DeepField-SR: AI-based Super-Resolution Accelerated by Xilinx FPGA Cards​

DeepField-SR is a fixed functional hardware accelerator that leverages Xilinx Alveo cards and FPGA instances in the cloud or on-premise to offer the highest computational efficiency for video super-resolution. Based on the proprietary neural network trained with real-word video data from the internet and fusing spatio-temporal information in multiple frames, it produces superior high-resolution video quality. 

Blue Dot Demo
BLUEDOT DeepField-SR Demo


DeepField-SR is deployable on both public cloud and on-premise with Xilinx Alveo U200/U50 Accelerator Cards. As it is designed in scalable architecture and supports multiple FPGA cards, it can flexibly respond to various resolution upscale requests. Its runtime performance on a single Alveo U50 is 11 ~ 14fps to upscale video up to 4K resolution. The API is integrated within an ffmpeg workflow, meaning that simple command enables DeepField-SR acceleration and upscaling user input video.


  • AI-based video super-resolution
  • Input resolution: 64x48 to 1280x720 
  • Output resolution: 64x48 to 3840x2160:
  • Scaling ratio: 1.0x ~ 4.0x
  • Two operation modes – quality and boost modes
  • Scalability: Multiple cards can be used for higher throughput. For example, three U50 cards provide the performance of 720p30 to 2160p30 in real-time.
BLUEDOT Super-Resolution
Superresolution vs Traditional Algorithms

Upscaling 720p30 to 4Kp30 in Real-Time

Upscaling 720p30 to 4Kp30 in Real-Time
Note. It is possible to support more channels with additional FPGA cards.

3x Channel of Upscaling 360p30 to 1080p30/1440p30 in Real-Time

3x Channel of Upscaling 360p30 to 1080p30/1440p30 in Real-Time
Note. It is possible to support higher frame rates with additional FPGA cards

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