Katoid Technology S.L.

Katoid is a disruptive real-time analytics company founded in Barcelona, Spain. Katoid's technology leverages the unique power of Xilinx FPGAs to process data from NVMe storage at wire speed. Horizontally scaled as an organic distributed system, Katoid allows web-scale real-time behavioral insights at computation speeds 100x faster than existing cloud solutions. 

Katoid's analytics solution for the games industry empowers game studios to perform sophisticated interactive analyses of the behavior of millions of players. Using Katoid’s intuitive GUI interface, game product managers maximize the engagement and revenue of their games in real-time. 

After establishing its footing in the games industry, Katoid plans to expand and apply its unique data processing technology to other sectors


FPGA-powered Interactive Analytics

Analytics of large amounts of data studying the behavior of users, clients, customers, or other entities of interest has become a core function of any organization over the last few years. The better understanding an organization has, the better decisions it can take to improve its performance.

Product or service managers or designers need to iterate on their exploration in order to gain a full understanding of users’ behavior. Allowing the manager using analytics to ask questions like these easily by using an intuitive drag and drop interface and, as a key element, being able to calculate the result of queries like these immediately at interactive speeds, even when referring to combinations never before seen and for which no indexes or materializations may have been built. 

This is where the unparalleled computation power of FPGAs combined with the great bandwidth of NVMe SSD drives over PCIe is a game changer: It can offer 100x faster, 90% cheaper interactive big data analytics than today’s solutions. 

Katoid Demo
Katoid FPGA-powered Interactive Analytics Demo

It is possible to compute over gigantic datasets at interactive speeds, scaling horizontally to be able to power the manager's or designer's exploration at terabytes per second, and providing the best extension of the product manager's eyes and thought to benefit from the power of data.  


Katoid is an Interactive Analytics solution powered by Xilinx FPGA. It is available on Xilinx Alveo, ZU+ and AWS F1. 


  • Accessible via a web front-end, currently available in English, Spanish and Korean.
  •  All standard types of charts and visualizations, including 3D  
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop chart editor, including multi-dimensional faceting  
  • Intuitive dashboard editing  
  • Cross-filtering  
  • Animated trend analysis 
  • Comparison between periods and sets  
Katoid with a variety of charts, visualizations, controls, and interaction tools
Katoid with a variety of charts, visualizations, controls, and interaction tools

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