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Shanghai Snowlake Technology Co. Ltd (上海雪湖科技有限公司)

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Shanghai China.

Snowlake Technology is a leading technology company, providing FPGA-based specialized computing solutions to enable AI and HPC applications.

The products have been widely applied to various scenarios including autonomous driving and high-performance computing solutions (seismic exploration and molecular dynamics simulation). 


“Yaddle”: Molecular Dynamics Solution on Xilinx FPGA for Drug Discovery

In recent years, capital expenditure of the drug discovery market has been increasing rapidly. As traditional structure-based drug design has shown limitations, drug discovery has entered a new era of motion-based drug design, which relies heavily on computing power for large-scale molecular dynamics simulation. Pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and CROs will have to face the challenge of computing power to improve the success rate, reduce cost and shorten the time.

Previously, only supercomputers can offer enough computing power for large-scale molecular dynamics calculations, which cannot meet the growing demands that are coming in the drug discovery market. The mission is to design novel molecular dynamics solutions to achieve a significant performance boost compared to traditional supercomputers.

Now, Snowlake Technology has developed “Yaddle”: a special-purpose solution for molecular dynamics calculations on Xilinx FPGA. “Yaddle” enables complete molecular dynamics computation on a single FPGA and efficiently outputs the results. With Xilinx Runtime Library (XRT), “Yaddle” provides compatibility support for commonly used molecular dynamics software and another analysis plugin via “Yaddle” APIs. On Xilinx Alveo cards, “Yaddle” (FPGA) achieves nearly a hundred times the performance of CPU and more than twice the performance of GPU. At the same time, “Yaddle” (FPGA) has only one percent of the TCO of CPU and one-seventh of the TCO of GPU. 

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Snowlake Technology is committed to providing state-of-the-art computing technology to accelerate drug discovery, improve the success rate of drug design, reduce the cost of drug research, shorten the time of drug development, for the sake of human health.


Yaddle-MD is the molecular dynamics simulation acceleration solution on Xilinx Alveo cards and Vitis platform. 


  •  Implementation of MD simulation on a single FPGA, that completely removes the dependency on CPU
  • Distributed pipeline calculation among atoms for non-bonded force, that significantly improve the computing performance
  • Encoding bonded information between atoms and decoding them in real-time calculations, that achieves on-the-fly neighbor list
  • Toolkit that provides compatibility support for common molecular dynamics software and other analysis tools, including format conversion 
Illustration of molecular dynamics
Illustration of molecular dynamics
Solution Stack
Solution Stack
Performance and TCO comparison for molecular dynamics on different platforms
Performance and TCO comparison for molecular dynamics on different platforms

All data comparisons are from an internal laboratory. Results may vary according to differences in software, platform and usage conditions

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