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ADDRMAP11 (DDRC) Register

ADDRMAP11 (DDRC) Register Description

Register NameADDRMAP11
Relative Address0x000000022C
Absolute Address 0x00FD07022C (DDRC)
TyperwNormal read/write
Reset Value0x00000000
DescriptionAddress Map Register 11

This register is static. Static registers can only be written when the controller is in reset.

ADDRMAP11 (DDRC) Register Bit-Field Summary

Field NameBitsTypeReset ValueDescription
addrmap_row_b10 3:0rwNormal read/write0x0Selects the HIF address bits used as row address bit 10.
Valid Range: 0 to 11
Internal Base: 16
The selected HIF address bit for each of the row address bits is determined by adding the internal base to the value of this field. This register field is used only when ADDRMAP5.addrmap_row_b2_10 is set to value 15.