Programming APIs

To be able to use the library, you need to prepare the development board and cross-compilation environment. During the development, you need to pay attention to the header files, library files and the model library files.
Note: The files in the development environment must match the version provided in the Vitis Unified Software Development Environment. These libraries can be executed on ZCU102, ZCU104, and Xilinx Alveo U50, U50lv and U280 Data Center accelerator cards.
  1. Select an image. For example, cv::Mat.
  2. Call the create method provided by the corresponding library to get a class instance. If you set the need_preprocess variable to false , the model will not minus its mean and scale.
  3. Call the getInputWidth() and the getInputHeight() functions to get the network needed column and row values of the input image.
  4. Resize image to inputWidth x inputHeight.
  5. Call run() to get the result of the network.
For details about the Programming APIs, see the API Reference.

Also, for the Vitis AI APIs, see the Vitis AI User Guide in the Vitis AI User Documentation (UG1431). You can download it from the Xilinx website