Generating a License on the Xilinx Licensing Site

  1. Sign in to the Xilinx® licensing website: See the following figure.
    Table 1. Xilinx Licensing Site Sign-in Screen

    If this is your first time generating a license for the SDAccel™ - Xilinx OpenCL™ Design Environment, contact your Xilinx representative to enable your access to the SDAccel licensing website.

    SDSoC comes with a 60-day evaluation license, so you should be able to see it in your available license list.

  2. In the account drop-down menu, select XILINX - SDSoC Environment or SDAccel Environment.
    Note: This only shows up if you have purchased or redeemed an SDSoC™ or SDAccel license.
    Important: If you are interested in SDSoC, you should also see a "SDSoC 60-day evaluation license" for the first time use.
  3. From the Certificate Based Licenses menu, select SDSoC Environment, Node-Locked License or SDAccel Environment, Node-Locked License.
    Table 2. Certificate Based Licenses Menu

  4. Click Generate node-locked license.
  5. Enter a Host ID in the License Generation screen and click Next.
  6. Verify that the Host ID for the license is correct and click Next.
  7. Accept the licensing agreement by clicking Accept.

    You will receive an email from with the license file.

  8. Set the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to the location of the license file on your system.