Metadata Files

The SDSoC platform includes the following XML metadata files created by the SDSoC Platform Utility that describe the hardware and software interfaces.

  • Top-Level Platform XML file (.xpfm): Every SDSoC platform includes a hardware platform metadata XML file, <platform>.hpfm, containing information about the platform hardware interfaces. SDSoC uses this information when creating the hardware system for your design, adding the data motion network and hardware accelerators along with the required connections for clocks, data and control signals. The top-level platform XML file is written by the SDSoC Platform Utility as <platform>/<platform>.xpfm, with references to the hardware and software XML files and the folders that contain them.
  • Hardware Metadata file (.hpfm): The hardware platform XML metadata file is written as <platform>/hw/<platform>.hpfm, and is found with the Vivado platform project file (.xpr) and sources in <platform>/hw/vivado. It describes the hardware interfaces in the platform used by SDSoC when creating the hardware system containing the base hardware, hardware accelerators and data motion network.
  • Software Metadata file (.spfm): The software platform XML file is written as <platform>/sw/<platform>.spfm. The .spfm file describes the software environments, or system configurations available for use by the platform. Each configuration has an operating system (OS) associated with it, and the user selects the system configuration when creating a design on the hardware platform.