SDSoC Platform Migration


To support a newer release of the SDx Development Environment you must upgrade the Vivado Design Suite project included in the platform to the latest release, updating the IP used in the design, and regenerating output products for the project. Updating the IP Integrator design may be a simple mater of plugging in the latest IP revision for the current release. However, it can also be complicated by the addition or removal of interface signals on the IP, or updated parameters, in the case of major version changes from one release to another. In this case, upgrading the Vivado Design Suite project can require more effort.

You may also need to update the software platform to be compatible with or take advantage of any new features of the hardware platform. Finally, you must regenerate the top-level platform and hardware description files using the SDSoC Platform Utility. This may simply be a matter of upgrading the Vivado IP Integrator block design to the latest release and rebuilding the software components with the latest SDSoC tools.


The Vivado tool requires you to Upgrade IP for every new version of the Vivado Design Suite. If you encounter IP Locked errors when the SDSoC Platform Utility tries to generate the platform, or when the SDx IDE invokes the Vivado tools, it can be the result of failing to properly copy the Vivado project as described in Vivado Design Suite Project, or failing to upgrade the IP used in the Vivado project for a new release.

To migrate an SDSoC hardware platform from a prior release, open the Vivado project in the new version of the Vivado tools, and upgrade the IP Integrator block design and all IP, and regenerate the output products. Refer to this link in the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG994) for more information on updating block design projects.