Pre-built Hardware

A platform can optionally include pre-built configurations to be used directly when you do not specify any hardware functions in an application. In this case, you do not need to wait for a hardware compile of the platform itself to create a bitstream and other required files.

The pre-built hardware should reside in a subdirectory of the platform software directory. Data in the subdirectory is pointed to by the <sdx:prebuilt> element of the <sdx:configuration> for the corresponding pre-built hardware.

For a given <sdx:prebuilt sdx:data="prebuilt_platform_path"/> in a platform xml, the location is:

The path is relative to the software platform folder. For example, the element:

 <sdx:prebuilt sdx:data="prebuilt_data"/>

Indicates the prebuilt hardware bitstream and generated files are found in <path_to_platform>/sw/prebuilt_data. The prebuilt_data folder for the zc702 platform contains bitstream.bit, zc702.hdf, partitions.xml, apsys_0.xml, portinfo.c and portinfo.h files.

Pre-built hardware files are automatically used by the SDx environment when an application has no hardware functions using the usual flag:
-sds-pf zc702
To force a full Vivado tools bitstream and SD card image compile, use the following sdscc option:

Files used to populate the platforms/<platform>/sw/prebuilt_data folder are found in the _sds folder after creating the application ELF and bitstream.

  • bitstream.bit
    • File found in _sds/p0/ipi/<platform>.runs/impl_1/bitstream.bit
  • <platform>.hdf
    • Files found in _sds/p0/ipi/<platform>.sdk
  • partitions.xml, apsys_0.xml
    • Files found in _sds/.llvm
  • portinfo.c, portinfo.h
    • Files found in _sds/swstubs