Exporting a Shared Library

The following steps demonstrate how to export an SDSoC environment shared library with the corresponding SD card boot image using the SDSoC environment GUI.

  1. Select File > New > SDSoC Project to bring up the New Project dialog box.
  2. Create a new SDSoC project.
    1. Type libmatrix in the Project name field.
    2. Select Platform to be zc702.
    3. Put a checkmark on the Shared Library checkbox.
    4. Click Next.
  3. Choose the application template.
    1. Select Matrix Shared Library from the Available Templates.
    2. Click Finish.
    A new SDSoc shared library application project called libmatrix is created in the Project Explorer view. The project includes two hardware functions mmult_accel and madd_accel that are visible in the SDSoC Project Overview.
  4. Build the library.
    1. In the Project Explorer view, select the libmatrix project.
    2. Select Project > Build Project.
    After the build completes, there will be a boot SD card image under the SDDebug (or current configuration) folder.