SDSoC Platform Examples


This appendix provides simple examples of SDSoC platforms created from a working hardware system built using the Vivado® Design Suite, with a software run-time environment, including operating system kernel, boot loaders, file system, and libraries that run on top of the hardware system. Each example demonstrates a commonly used platform feature, and is built upon the ZC702 board available from Xilinx.

  • zc702_axis_io - Accessing a data stream that could represent direct I/O from FPGA pins in an SDSoC platform
  • zc702_acp - Sharing a processing system AXI bus interface between the platform and the sdscc system compiler
Each example is structured with the following information:
  • Description of the platform and what it demonstrates.
  • Instructions to generate the SDSoC hardware platform meta-data file.
  • Instructions to create platform software libraries, if required.
  • Description of the SDSoC software platform meta-data file.
  • Basic platform testing.

In addition to these platform examples, it would be worthwhile to inspect the standard SDSoC platforms that are included in the SDx IDE in the <sdx_root>/platforms directory.