Synthesizeable FIR Filter

Many of the functions in the Vivado HLS source code libraries included in the SDSoC environment do not comply with the SDSoC environment Coding Guidelines. To use these libraries in the SDSoC environment, you typically have to wrap the functions to insulate the SDSoC system compilers from non-portable data types or unsupported language constructs.

The Synthesizeable FIR Filter example demonstrates a standard idiom to use such a library function that in this case, computes a finite-impulse response digital filter. This example uses a filter class constructor and operator to create and perform sample-based filtering. To use this class within the SDSoC environment, the example wraps within a function wrapper as follows.
void cpp_FIR(data_t x, data_t *ret)
    static CF<coef_t, data_t, acc_t> fir1;
    *ret = fir1(x);

This wrapper function becomes the top-level hardware function that can be invoked from application code.