Using a C-Callable RTL Library

The SDSoC system compilers can incorporate libraries with hardware functions that are implemented using IP blocks written in register transfer level (RTL) in a hardware description language (HDL) like VHDL or Verilog. The process of creating such a library is described in Using C-Callable IP Libraries. This example demonstrates how to incorporate the library in an SDSoC project.

To build this example in the SDSoC IDE, create a new SDSoC project and select the C-callable RTL Library template. As described in src/SDSoC_project_readme.txt, you must first build the library from an SDSoC terminal window at the command line.

To use the library and build the application, you must add the -l and -L linker options as described in Using C-Callable IP Libraries. Right-click on the project in the Project Explorer and select C/C++ Build Settings->-> > SDS++ Linker > Libraries, to add the -lrtl_arraycopy and -L<path to project> options.