Tutorial: Using the SDSoC Platform Utility


This appendix provides a simple tutorial for creating example platforms. The majority of settings for a platform can be configured in the SDSoC Platform Utility GUI, and the platform generated from the configuration. After the platform has been created it can be modified to provide further customization for advanced use cases.

When working through the following tutorial labs, you should begin by copying the sample files provided at <install>/SDx/2017.1/samples/sdspfm to a new location such as C:/temp, or /temp. Copying the samples/sdspfm folder will allow you to make changes to the source files while preserving the original files, as well as avoiding any permission issues with regard to the installation directory.

Tip: In addition to the platform examples in the following labs, you should also examine the standard SDx platforms that are included in the <install>/SDx/2017.1/platforms directory.