Error Reporting

You can introduce errors as described in each of the following steps and note the response from the SDx IDE.

  1. Open the source file main.cpp from the src folder and remove the semicolon at the end of the std::cout statement near the bottom of the file.

    Notice that a yellow box shows up on the left edge of the line.

  2. Move your cursor over the yellow box and notice that it tells you that you have a missing semicolon.
  3. Insert the semicolon at the right place and notice how the yellow box disappears.
  4. Now change std::cout to std::cou and notice how a pink box shows up on the left edge of the line.
  5. Move the cursor over the pink box to see a popup displaying the “corrected” version of the line with std::cout instead of std::cou.
  6. Correct the previous error by changing std::cou to std::cout.
  7. Introduce a new error by commenting out the line that declares all the variables used in main().
  8. Save and build the project. Do not wait for the build to complete.
  9. You can see the error messages scrolling by on the console. Open the Release/_sds/reports/sds_main.log and Release/_sds/reports/sds_mmult.log files to see the detailed error reports.
  10. Uncomment the line where the variables are declared.