This section lists the prerequisites for using the xfOpenCV library functions.
  • Download and install the SDx development environment according to the directions provided in SDx Environments Release Notes, Installation, and Licensing Guide (UG1238). Before launching the SDx development environment on Linux, set the $SYSROOT environment variable to point to the Linux root file system, delivered with the reVISION platform. For example:
    export SYSROOT = <local folder>/zcu102_es2_reVISION/sw/aarch64-linux-gnu/sysroot
  • Download the Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC Embedded Vision Platform zip file and extract its contents. Create the SDx development environment workspace in the zcu102_es2_reVISION folder of the extracted design file hierarchy. For more details, see the reVISION Getting Started Guide.
  • Set up the ZCU102 evaluation board. For more details, see the reVISION Getting Started Guide.
  • Download the xfOpenCV library. The library is made available through github. Run the following git clone command to clone the xfOpenCV repository to your local disk:
    git clone