Configure QEMU Settings

You can use the Configure QEMU Settings dialog box to configure and debug your applications on QEMU.
Note: Debugging applications using QEMU is not supported on Windows®.

The table below lists all the options available on the Configure QEMU Settings dialog box:

Option Description
Advanced settings Select the option to specify the path to the QEMU script (.SH) and the GDB port number.

For example:

/tmp/qemu-system-aarch64 -nographic -M arm-generic-fdt -dtb /tmp/zcu102-arm.dtb -gdb tcp::1137 -S
QEMU executable path

Path to the QEMU executable. If not specified, the default QEMU executable available at <SDK_install_path>/bin/qemu-system-aarch64 folder is used.

Device tree blob path

Path to the device tree blob (DTB). If not specified, the <SDK_install_path>/data/qemu/zynqMP/zcu102/zynqmp-qemu-arm.dtb file is used.