Compiling and Running Applications on a MicroBlaze Processor

A MicroBlaze™ platform in the SDSoC™ Environment is a standard MicroBlaze processor system built using the Vivado® tools and SDK that must be a self-contained system with a local memory bus (LMB) memory, MicroBlaze Debug Module (MDM), UART, and AXI timer.

The SDSoC Environment includes the standard SDK toolchain for MicroBlaze processors, including microblaze-xilinx-elf for developing standalone ("bare-metal") and FreeRTOS applications.

By default, the SDSoC system compilers do not generate an SD card image for projects targeting a MicroBlaze platform. You can package the bitstream and corresponding ELF executable as needed for your application.

To run an application, the bitstream must be programmed onto the device before the ELF can be downloaded to the MicroBlaze core. The SDSoC Environment includes Vivado tools and SDK facilities to create MCS files, insert an ELF file into the bitstream, and boot the system from an SD card.