Managing Platforms and Repositories

When you are creating a project, you can manage the platforms that are available for use in SDx application projects, from the Platform Selection page of the SDx New Project wizard. This lets you add a new platform for a project as it is being created.

You can also manage the platforms and repositories from an opened project by clicking the Browse button () next to the Platform link in the General panel of the Project Settings window.

Figure: SDAccel Platform Browse

Figure: SDSoC Platform Browse

This opens the Hardware Platforms dialog box, which lets you manage the available platforms and platform repositories.

Figure: Platform Selection

  • Add Custom Platform: Lets you add your own platform to the list of available platforms.Navigate to the top-level directory of the custom platform, select it, and click OK to add the new platform. The custom platform is immediately available for selection from the list of available platforms. See SDSoC Environment Platform Creation for information on creating custom platforms. The Xilinx > Add Custom Platform command can also be used to directly add custom platforms to the tool.
  • Manage Repositories: Lets you add or remove standard and custom platforms. If a custom platform is added, the path to the new platform is automatically added to the repositories. Removing any platform from the list of repositories removes the platform from the list of available platforms.
  • Add Devices/Platforms: Lets you manage which Xilinx® devices and platforms are installed. If a device or platform was not selected during the installation process, you can add it at a later time using this command. This command launches the SDx Installer to let you select extra content to install. The Help > Add Devices/Platforms command can also be used to directly add custom platforms to the tool.