SDSoC Platform Creation Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to create an SDSoC™ platform that can be used to accelerate software functions using the SDx™ Integrated Design Environment (IDE) tool. An SDSoC platform defines a base hardware and software architecture and application context, including processing system, external memory interfaces, custom input/output, and software runtime - including operating system (possibly "bare metal"), boot loaders, drivers for platform peripherals and root file system. Every project you create within the SDx environment Integrated Design Environment (IDE) targets a specific hardware platform, and you employ the tools within the SDx IDE to customize the platform application-specific hardware accelerators and data motion networks. In this way, you can easily create highly tailored application-specific systems-on-chip for different platforms, and can resue platforms for many different application-specific systems-on-chip.

In this tutorial, you use the Vivado® Design Suite to build a hardware system, and create a platform using the software runtime environment, including an operating system kernel, boot loaders, file system, and libraries.