I want to debug an ELF file using SDK without creating a C/C++ Project. How do I do that?

SDK allows creation of projects that contain an ELF file. With a few manual steps, this allows debugging of the ELF file without having to do other steps, such as specifying the hardware platform, creating a BSP, and creating an C/C++ project. The steps to follow are:

  1. Select File > Import > C/C++ > C/C++ Executable.
  2. Navigate to the ELF file that you want to debug.
  3. Choose the appropriate binary parser (such as MicroBlaze™ or ARM). Then allow the wizard to create a new project with this ELF file.
  4. Do not select the option to create a debug configuration (this will create a C/C++ debug configuration, whereas we need a Xilinx C/C++ configuration).
  5. Create a Xilinx C/C++ Debug configuration. For this project, the only tab that is valid is the Remote Debug options tab. Specify the gdbserver port and hostname. See the previous question for more information about Remote Debug.
  6. Click debug to start debugging the ELF file.