Supported Libraries

Both Standalone and Xilkernel can work with the following libraries from the Xilinx software library collection:

Library Description
lwip141 lwIP TCP/IP stack library
xilffs Generic fat file system library
xilflash Xilinx flash library for Intel/AMD CFI compliant parallel flash
xilisf Xilinx in-system and serial flash library
xilmfs Xilinx memory file system library
xilopenamp Xilinx openamp library
xilpm Power management API library for ZynqMP
xilrsa Xilinx RSA library
xilsecure Xilinx secure library
xilskey Xilinx secure key library

You can configure these libraries to be in or out of your software application stack. For more information, refer OS and Libraries Document Collection (UG643).

In addition to the above board support packages and component libraries, many third party RTOSes and middleware stacks are available and can be used in the SDK environment to develop applications. For a comprehensive listing of all third party offerings, refer to

Board support packages and their libraries can be configured in various ways in the Board Support Package (SDK) Settings dialog box. You can also have multiple board support packages in your SDK workspace. This allows you to simultaneously work with different kinds configurations of board support packages, as well as re-target applications from one to the other.