Target Setup Tab

First, provide an unique name for your configuration.

Next. in the Target Setup tab, set up the following details:

  • Debug Type
  • Connection: Local or Remote

Select Local for running the program on a target that is connected to local host

Create a remote connection by clicking New, and select the same for running the program on a target connected to the remote host.

  • Device: This is automatically selected for you.
  • Hardware Platform and Processor: Select the hardware platform and Processor for your design.
  • Bitstream file and Initialization file: Search or browses to your Bitstream and Initialization files.
  • Reset Processor - You can choose to reset the entire hardware system or the specific processor, or choose not to reset. Performing a reset ensures that there are no side effects from a previous debug session.

Reset Entire System: Perform a system reset if there is only one processor in the system.

Reset Processor: Perform a processor reset if there are multiple processors in the system. SDK downloads the ELF program to the memory before debugging.