Board Support Packages (SDK)

You can create a board support package (BSP) for application development within Xilinx® SDK, or for use in external tool flows. This topic describes BSPs used within SDK.

A board support package (BSP) is a collection of libraries and drivers that will form the lowest layer of your application software stack. Your software applications must link against or run on top of a given software platform using the APIs that it provides. Therefore, before you can create and use software applications in SDK, you must create a board support package.

SDK includes the following two board support packages for application development:

  • Standalone - A simple, semi-hosted, and single-threaded environment that provides basic features such as standard input/output and access to processor hardware features
  • Xilkernel - A simple and lightweight kernel that provides POSIX style services such as scheduling, threads, synchronization, message passing, and timers

When a board support package is built, the following software components are automatically included into the library:

  • Standard C Libraries (libc.a, libm.a)
  • Device Drivers for all the peripherals in your design (libxil.a)