Embedded Hardware Components

Xilinx® Vivado® IP integrator provides great flexibility regarding the kinds of embedded hardware that can be created. Typically, an embedded platform created using IP integrator contains:

  • One or more MicroBlaze™ or ARM Cortex A9 processors
  • Volatile memory internal to the FPGA
  • Volatile (such as DDR or SDRAM) and/or non-volatile (Flash) memory external to the FPGAM
  • IP controlling external interfaces, such as GPIOs, UARTs, or Ethernet MACs
  • Debug IP such as processor trace signals
  • Other custom IP created by the hardware developer

The task of the software developer is to write software that runs on the processors present on the hardware platform to perform application specific tasks. Xilinx provides drivers for Xilinx IP and some basic software components to help accelerate such software development.