Sharing and Archiving Software Projects

Software projects, including board support packages, and software applications that you create in your workspace, can be shared with other team members or archived into a source control system. To do this, share or archive a collection of source files and SDK metadata files in the project directory.

You can share or archive your software projects in a number of ways; a few common methods are described here:

  • Create the software project in your workspace and then export the project or resources to a directory or an archive file. You can then import the project or resources into another workspace.
  • Create the software project in your workspace location and use the CVS plug in (or other eclipse source control plug in) provided with SDK to share the required files or archive them into your CVS repository.
  • Create the software project in a location where you want to archive, such as a sandbox directory. You can then share or archive this project directory.

You should not share or archive your workspace. Workspaces are just a container of software projects, and your preferences are user- and location-specific. When you copy the workspace to a different location in the system, it is not guaranteed to work.

For more information about using SDK with version control systems, refer to Using SDK with Revision Control Software.