Xilinx Tools Menu

The Xilinx Tools menu can be accessed from the Xilinx SDK menubar. The table below lists the items available on the Xilinx Tools menu.



Generate Linker Script Configure and generate the linker script.
Board Support Package Settings Customize the Board Support Package created for application development within SDK, including libraries and drivers, or for external tools.
Repositories Add, change, or remove software repositories.
Program FPGA Program the FPGA. (Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+D)
Dump/Restore Data File Copy the memory file contents to a data file and restore data file contents back to memory.
Program Flash Program a Flash memory on the target board.
Launch Shell Launch the Command shell.
XSCT Console Open the XSCT Console
Configure QEMU Settings Specify configuration and debug settings for QEMU.
Note: This option is available only in the Linux version of Xilinx SDK.
Create Boot Image Use to create a Zynq bootable image.