Enabling Xen Awareness

This section describes setting up the Xen aware debug for Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC devices running Linux from SD card, using the SDK IDE. It is assumed that the following preqequisites have been satisfied:

  • You have PetaLinux Tools software platform ready for building a Linux system customized to your hardware platform.
  • You have created a PetaLinux project from the ZCU102 reference BSP. The Xen related prebuilts are made available in <petalinux-install>/pre-built/linux/images directory.
For details on how to boot Xen and Dom-0, refer UG1144 - PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide.
  1. Launch the Xilinx SDK IDE.
  2. Select Window > Open Perspective > Debug.
  3. Select Run > Debug Configurations.
  4. In the Debug Configurations dialog box, select Xilinx C/C++ application and click the New button ().
  5. Click Debug. Debugging begins with the processors in the running state.
  6. Select the Enable Linux OS Awareness option from the Debug view in the processor context.

    Xen can be seen as a separate target in the debug view. Domain#0 is the host OS (Dom-0) running on one VCPU (VCPU#0) and Domain#1 is the guest domain (Dom-U) running on one VCPU.