Creating a Board Support Package (SDK)

A Board Support Package (BSP) is a collection of drivers customized to the provided hardware description. Every application must be associated with a BSP. Multiple BSPs may exist in a workspace and support a single hardware description.

Often BSPs are created when an Application is created. Sometimes, however, a BSP with different settings targeting the same hardware platform may be needed.

To create a new board support package for application development in SDK, do the following:

  1. Click File > New > Board Support Package. If no hardware platform exists in your workspace, the following message opens.

  2. Click Specify to create a new Hardware Platform Specification. For details about creating a new Hardware Platform Specification , see Creating a New Hardware Platform Specification.
  3. If there is already a hardware project in your workspace, the New Board Support Project dialog box appears.
  4. Provide a new name for the BSP in the Project name field if you wish to override the default value.
  5. Select the location for the board support project files. To use the default location, as displayed in the Location field, leave the Use default location check box selected. Otherwise, click to unselect the check box, then type or browse to the directory location.
  6. From the Hardware Platform drop-down choose the appropriate platform for your application or click the New button to browse to an existing Hardware Platform.
  7. Select the target CPU from the drop-downlist.
  8. From the Board Support Package OS list box, select the type of board support package to create. A description of the platform types displays in the box below the drop-down list.
  9. Click Finish. The wizard creates a new software platform and displays it in the SDK Navigator pane.
  10. Select Project >Build Automatically to automatically build the board support package.
  11. The Board Support Package Settings dialog box opens. Here you can customize the settings for the BSP. For details, see Using the Board Support Package Settings Page.
  12. Click OK to accept the settings, build the BSP, and close the dialog box.